Mohamed Hoosen Suleman

Mohamed Hoosen Suleman is an undergraduate medical student in Durban, South Africa. He is well recognized as a high-level academic achiever at the University of KwaZulu-Natal with great passion and dedication for medical research.
Suleman’s research contributions have already been rewarded and recognized by the World Health Organization and he now serves on the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Medical Students as Student Editor. 
He is one of two South Africans to serve on the Editorial Board.

Suleman brings forward a critical mindset and an intellectual capability when reviewing research submissions made to the Journal. He is able to think rationally and provide a unique perspective on systems and policies that govern health decisions by member states.

Suleman is also concurrently involved in multiple research projects, some of which are led by South Africa’s leading scientists. He is also counted among the Top 200 South Africans under the age of 35 years. 

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