Manas Pustake


Manas is a final-year medical student at one of India's top five medical colleges, the Grant Medical College. He has cleared his university examinations with first-class/honors. He is also a candidate for the Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program (Class of 2023) at the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. Apart from being one of the youngest candidates for this postgraduate course, he is also one of the very few to get a maximum scholarship from Harvard University for the program. He is in excellent academic standing at his medical school.

Manas is an enthusiastic clinical researcher; he has over 50 abstracts, presentations, and publications under his belt as of July 2022. He has been an active researcher since his undergraduate years. He has his research works published in prestigious journals like the BMJ Journals. He is especially interested in research in Internal Medicine and Clinical Medicine. His research focuses on infectious disease and pediatrics. He has also authored a few book chapters and is a member of the International Journal of Medical Students editorial board. Additionally, he serves as an invited peer-reviewer for 12 other journals. Manas has been invited to talk at international conferences in Singapore, Italy, the Netherlands, and France, among other places.

Manas has also left an indelible mark on his hometown community by volunteering his time and expertise. He worked with a number of organizations at his level to help the elderly, children, teenagers, persons with disabilities, and orphans receive the care they needed. This was accomplished through a combination of field camps, blood donation drives, and immunization programs. Rotaract Club of the Caduceus, Junior Chambers International, Medical Students' Association India, Switch India, Association of Adolescent and Child Care in India, and Indian Medical Association-Medical Students' Network are just some of the organizations that Manas participates in as an active volunteer.

Throughout his academic career, Manas has demonstrated a strong capacity for leadership. He was admitted to the Harvard Medical School's Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program, demonstrating outstanding leadership abilities. Manas wishes to do his residency in the United States, and his dream branch is Internal Medicine.

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